Monday, March 11, 2013

Jillian Michaels is Kicking my Ass!

Having a baby has completely changed my life........and my body.  Well anything was worth bringing my baby boy into this world...sometimes I have a hard time looking at my "new" body in the mirror. Let me give you a background on my body issues......

I have struggled with my weight since my teens.  I went from being able to eat whatever I want, to being a little chunky monkey in my late teens.  I still remember being at a club downtown (under age, using my fake i.d....ahhh memories!) and having this guy tell me I was fat. Ouch. from 18 to about 24 I crashed diet my way threw life.  I would lose some weight, be happy, stop dieting, gain the weight back and then some....and repeat the cycle. I was never really happy with my body....but it was nothing spanks and slim fast couldn't fix.  Shortly after I got married, my husband and I were getting ready to go out....and nothing seriously...nothing!!  I was just so unhappy with myself...I looked unhealthy, and I felt sucked!  I decided that I was not going to crash diet any more....I was going to do it the right way....eating good, and working out. At first it sucked....I'm not going to lie.  But I made small changes everyday....tried new workouts every week, and little by little my body and mind changed. I actually enjoyed working out.....I started craving strawberries and smoothies! It as weird...and I was happy!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm a girl who enjoys a Big Mac, with a large french fry from time to time.  And while I was pregnant you couldn't keep me away from taco bell!  But allowing yourself cheats is the only way to keep sane and stick with it....well for me anyway!

So all this hard work had gotten me the body I wanted.  I loved going shopping, loved wearing cute little clothing that fit just so, loved strutting around in a tiny bikini...loved it.  I had worked hard for this body....and dammit I was going to rock it.

Enter pregnancy, cravings, and 50 pounds.....oh shit! Probably gained a little more then I should of, but oh well, I grew me a healthy little boy in there, and I did eat a lot of cantaloupes, strawberries,.....and fries supreme!

Well I have dropped 30 of my pregnancy pounds (thank you breastfeeding!), the rest is up to here I go again!

Ive decided this time around to do a at home work out program.  I choice to do Jillian Michaels (love her!) 90 day body transformation.  I am currently starting the fourth week, and she is kicking my ass. And while I cant really follow her 1200 calorie diet plan (once again...breastfeeding) I am eating better, (with the occasional Big mac as a treat), and already feeling better.

Being pregnant is awesome, but the aftermath is a little overwhelming.....I'm working my ass off to get that skinny bitch body back......I will keep you posted!


Shauna Lynn

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