Friday, March 22, 2013

Retail Therapy, when your trying to lose weight.

Since I started to work out, and since I'm in the middle of clothing sizes (my pregnancy ones are too big, my pre-pregnancy ones are too small), Ive been in need of some new clothes.  I hate buying new clothes when I'm still trying to lose fucking sucks.  But at the same time, I do need clothes to wear. I have been getting buy with tights and my husbands over sized t-shirts and sweaters....but c'mon.....there not exactly the most sexiest feeling attire.  Plus, if I have learned anything from watching What not to Wear, its dress the body you have now, not the body you want to have.

Lets get real for a sec.....this concept is kinda hard.  Especially when your still trying to lose weight.  You don't exactly want to blow all this money on a new wardrobe, just to have to buy another new wardrobe in a couple of I'm going to share with you what I do to get buy, Its my " Tips on not looking like a shlub while your trying to lose weight, while not breaking the bank".

Tip Number One

I drop  money on work out wear.  This is because even as I get smaller, I can still use it to work out.  And while I'm at the size I am now, I can pull it off to run errands.  There is alot to be said about a cute pair of yoga pants, a fitted Under Armour t-shirt and a neon pair of runners.  Then I just pull my hair back into a high pony tail, and call it a day.  I'm not saying your going to win huge fashion awards, but it keeps you looking "pulled together", and the money isn't necessarily going to "waste".

Tip Number Two

I hit up the second hand stores.  I actually do this even when I'm not trying to lose weight, but even more so when I am. If you have the time, and patience (and I mean really have to go through all the racks) you can get your self a decent wardrobe to tie you over for about a hundred bucks. Plus you would be surprised at the stuff you'll find!! Just last week I found an awesome poncho sweater from Costa Blanca with the original tags still on. Last summer I found a brand new black v-neck Guess dress for $10.   I've also found some really cute handbags and shoes.

Tip Number Three

Look for pieces that camouflage your "trouble" spot, but that you could also recycle later.  For me, my trouble spot is my stomach. Always has been, even before I got pregnant.  So I look for poncho sweaters,and baby doll shirts. I look for pieces that are loose around my tummy while I'm trying to slim down. Then when I'm where I want to be, these items could all still be used, by cinching in with a belt, or doing an over sized off the shoulder shirt look. 


Tip Number Four

Find yourself a couple pair of really good fitting jeans.  Spend the extra money if you have too.  When you get smaller, you can always have the jeans taken in to fit your new size.  I have actually done this before. Its worth it.


Tip Number Five

If all else fails, and your having a shitty day, buy your self a new purse or a killer pair of shoes.  Nothing puts a smile on my face like a beautiful new handbag!

Its super hard when your in that "in between" phase.  Trust me, Ive been there a few times.  But these little things helped me stay motivated to keep going.  Hope this helped!


Shauna Lynn

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