Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Breastfeeding Snobbery

Has anyone else come across this whole breastfeeding snob thing?  I was a little taken back by it.  My little munchkin is 7 months old today, and I exclusively breastfed him until he was 6 months old.  The last month I have been slowly weaning him off the boob, and onto formula.  As I started to look for information on how to wean him, I got a lot of snobby "How dare you stop breastfeeding your kid you selfish bitch" vibes out there. The Internet message boards were the worst.  I started feeling guilty about not breastfeeding anymore. Am I horrible mother became I want my boobs back?  My right boob never produced the supply I needed, so I have one tit bigger then the other right now.  It kinda sucks. Plus the little bugger has teeth now.  And here come the explanations I feel I need to give to people when I tell them I no longer want to breastfeed.  Its ridiculous!! While I was pregnant, I always thought to my self that if you could breastfeed, Great! If you couldn't, then there was formula. No shame.  So here is my Breastfeeding experience, the cold hard truth.  Please know that my stance on this subject is that it is your body, your baby, your decision.....no shame, no judgement.


My Breastfeeding Story (The Good, the Bad, and the Lopsided)

The Bad

   After I gave birth to my little Marshmallow, the whole breastfeeding thing became sorta of a challenge.  He wouldn't latch. Then he would only latch to one boob. Then the one boob only produced 2 ounces.  The first three months were a blur of feedings, pumping, and leaky breasts.  It was kinda awful.  He ate every two hours during those months.  I felt trapped at home, because by the time I got us packed and ready to go, it was time to eat again.  And the little meatball loved to eat. 

The Good

 Once I got the hang of it, and once he got the hang of it, things got better. Breastfeeding became easy! No bottles, no cleaning of the bottles, just throw the baby on your tit and your all set!  Plus burning those extra calories from breastfeeding is no joke people. I did not work out at all for the first four months, and dropped 28 pounds, easy peasy!

The Lopsided

Mind you, because the one boob never could produce the supply I needed, I only nursed off of one.  Yes you read that right.  This left me kinda lopsided.  I had one gigantic boob, and one small boob.  I felt like a breastfeeding freak show.  But it was nothing a sports bra couldn't help, and worth it in my eyes.  Plus the lopsidedness is temporary.......at least that's what I'm told.


Shauna Lynn

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