Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Little One is Using Sleep Deprivation as a Form of Torture

Marshall is growing so quick....I can barely believe he is almost 8 months.  He is such a happy baby....always smiling. And such a good baby, I can seriously take him anywhere.  He already knows how to flirt with the ladies too (something my husband is so proud of). Yes, I am truly blessed to have him.........................

 So now that I got all that bragging out of my system, let me vent about how my little bugger is using sleep deprivation to torture me.

First off, before I had my little meatball, I loved sleep.  No I mean I loved sleep.  It was something I was good at, something I enjoyed, something I totally fucking took for granted. 

Enter Marshmallow.  The first four months are pretty much a given that your not going to get much sleep, this I knew.  I prepared for it, and was not shocked at the lack of sleep I got.  And honestly, by the time the third month rolled around, he was a pretty good sleeper.  I actually bragged about him to others that would listen.  He stayed this way until about six months old.  Sleeping a solid 8 hours, getting up for a quick snack, then sleeping another 4 hours.  Lucky, right?  I never realized just how lucky until the sixth month rolled around...............

Then out of no where, the little bugger started getting up every four hours.  The first time it was to eat at about 11 pm.  I can get down with that.  Then off to bed he would go......only to wake up in another four hours, just to hang out!! Seriously, he doesn't want to eat, he is  just excited to see me, and hang out with me.  So I started bringing him to bed with me when he woke up at 4am.  He would play a little, then fall back to sleep next me me.  It worked out good, because that's the time hubby would get up  for work.  I thought that this would just be a little phase that would end in a week or, no. Its been going on for two months now.  So not only is the little bum bum waking up every four hours, but I also got him in the habit of coming into my bed.  Wow. I may have screwed this up just a bit.  I tried letting him cry it out (did not like it, couldn't even really handle it), tried the no tears method (I'm pretty sure if my baby could talk, he would look at me and say"Sucker!!"), and then just settled on doing it my way.  Yes bringing him to bed with me is probably a no, no.  Plain a simple though...I  love the extra sleep.  When I see my blood shot eyes with puffy raccoon  bags under them, that no amount of concealer seems to be covering....I envy the mothers who tell me there children are sleeping through the night.  I'm pretty sure my son is using this form of torture to break me.....and its working!

And then something wonderful happened........

Last night I put him to bed at 7pm, and he did not wake up until 3am.  When he got up, he had a small bottle, and went back to sleep in his own crib, and slept until 8am! Holy shit, right!? I actually woke up before him!  I tipped toed into the living room, thinking my husband had got up with him.....not the case.  We sat there and enjoyed 20 minutes of talk and coffee time before our little munchkin awoke.  So maybe hes not trying to torture me. Maybe he;s just being a (gasp) baby!  My fingers are crossed that this happens again tonight....but if not, I hear MAC makes a hell of a concealer!


Shauna Lynn

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