Friday, May 17, 2013

My First Mothers Day came and went........but not without a Little Reflection!

I'm not going to lie.....I was really looking forward to my first Mothers Day!  For about two weeks before the date, I kept reminding people it was my first Mothers Day (I'm pretty sure they didn't really care)  At one point in my mind, I almost sorta expected this hard core celebration of all the Mommy things I do!  Maybe my husband would plan a surprise party?  Maybe I would spend the morning at the spa with my other mom friends? Maybe, just maybe I would get a great big piece of jewelery!! Oh how my mind wanders...............

........and then I came back down to reality!  But I did have time to reflect on my 8 months as a mother. 

This time last year I was pregnant, and daydreaming about who this little person was going to be.   Now, a year later, here he is.....a little person that brings me more joy, worry, love, patience, and happiness then I could ever really imagine.

 When your pregnant you try and imagine your life as a mother.  How its going to play out.  I always imagined myself as this really cool put together mom.  Yes, I was a mother, but I was still going to be just like the old me.  I was going to still work out 6 times a week, still do my make up and style my hair.  Still go out and get a little tipsy from time to time. Still stay up late........ and then enters your life changer.  Your not the same person (really how could you be), but its in a good way.  The first 4 months of Marshall's life, I don't think I brushed my hair once, let alone put on make-up.  But I traded that in to soak up every cuddle, every different facial expression he made, every new experience he was making.  Eventually I had the time to do my make-up and brush my hair....even dye it! ( I swear people my dark brown roots were like 6 inches long by the time I got around to bleaching it the normal platinum blonde I rock)  I definitely didn't have time to work out at first.  I couldn't even get in one 1/2 hour work out, let alone 6 days of fitness.  But once again that slowly came back. I may not work out like crazy, dialing it down to 3-4 work outs a week, but I get to take my Marshmallow for long walks instead.  And well I still haven't found the time (or the desire for that matter) to go out and get tipsy, I still stay up late. (And by "stay up late", I mean being forced to stay up against my will because my little one likes to get up and party all night long).

Yes, when you become a mother, a part of the old you dies a little.....but not completely.  And as time goes on you start regaining bits of the old fabulous you, to add on the the new fabulous you. And dammit, that's just fucking fabulous!!! And look, some things did not change.  I still like to spend some (not all) of my money on awesome heels, and beautiful handbags.  And I still (much to my mothers dismay) swear like a pirate hooker.

So how did I spend my first mothers day?

Well at 6:30 am, when my pork chop woke me up, I didn't even attempt to get out of bed......I just yelled for Matt.  He promptly came in and scooped up the little bum bum.....then I slept in!!!!  After then my little one actually handed me a card (tear!), and I got a beautiful bouquet of roses.  I got to go out shopping, and didn't have to wipe an ass all day.  Later on the three of us met up with my parents, brother and sister in law, and grandma for a nice dinner, where I stuffed my face like I was never going to eat again! Then I came home, and put my marshmallow to bed, and enjoyed some quiet time with the husband. 

Happy Mothers Day to all you Mothers out there!  We mothers rock, don't we?!

Shauna Lynn

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