Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tried, Tested & True: Baby Stuff

When I was pregnant, I really didn't understand the differences between bottles.  Or what kinda soother was better.  I really didn't think it mattered that much, so I just kinda picked what my friends suggested and didn't put much more thought into it.  In the months after Marshall was born, I realized that I did have a preference for certain baby products.  Some I didn't even know existed!  So here are a few of my "cant live without" baby items.

1. Born Free Bottles

Everyone I knew uses the Playtex Vent Aire, so I decided to try the Playtex Vent Aire.  And although that got quite high reviews on the Baby's "r" us website, I was not a huge fan of them.  I found the nipples got weak on them fairly quickly.  So I went on the search for the best bottle for my munchkin......and I ended up loving the Born Free bottles! 
Plus all the parts are interchangeable with the sippy cups too...which I thought was really cool.  My son also held on to these bottles better.  In my eyes, theses bottles were the cats ass!

2.  Halo Sleep Sacs

My girlfriend Dana actually suggested these to me, and let me tell ya, these sleeping bags are the fucking best!!!! Seriously, go out and buy one!  Your baby wears this and there are no worries about the baby getting twisted up or kicking the blankets 0ff or over there head.  And there warm and cozy like a little bug in a rug!  They come in a light weight cotton and a fleece for the colder months.  This is one of those products that I don't know how I would of gotten along without!

Marshall in the first of many sleeps sacs I bought him

3.  Avent Soothies

I love these soothers simply because they are all one piece.  I never have to worry about it coming me a paranoid weirdo, but I worry about that with the two piece soothers.  Plus look how cute they look!!

4. Sofie The Giraffe

I'm really not too sure what's so special about this giraffe teething toy, but my son fucking loves her.  Actually I think he is more like obsessed with her.   Sofie is an expensive bitch.....$23.99 for a glorified chew toy, but she works wonders for my teething baby. 

5. Sleep Sheep

This thing is a god send.  Its a noise machine inside a stuff sheep that attaches to his crib.  It plays a heart beat sound, rain, some sorta orca whale sound, and a stream.  The one I got actually senses him moving in the middle of the night and will automatically click on! Marshall loves it.

Gotta love the things we spend money on!

Shauna Lynn

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