Friday, July 5, 2013

The Last 20 Pounds........There a Bitch

I have blogged before on my desire to lose the dreaded "baby weight".  I have shared my struggles with weight as well.  While I have had success with losing the first 30 pounds from my 50 pound pregnancy weight gain (thank you breastfeeding!), these last 20 pounds.......well, there a bitch!

My quest to lose these last twenty pounds came around the same time I started this blog.  I decided to try the Jillian Michael's Body Revolution.  While I had some success with it, I still was not eating that great, and could not stick to the 1200 calories a day diet plan she planned out.  Coupled with the pure exhaustion from the lack of sleep, I just could not give the system my 100%.  I felt defeated.  The next couple of months I sorta spiraled into a "poor me" mind set.  I'm sure you have all been there.  Its so easy to stay in that frame of mind.  While I let myself linger in that state for a bit, the beginning of this month a light switched, and I decided I had had enough.  I had done this was a lot of hard work, but it was doable.  Would I have the time I had had before, um hell no....but I would work myself into a new schedule.

So I started with cleaning up my diet.  I don't know if any of you busy, tired moms are like me, but when I'm exhausted I don't feel like cooking.  When I don't feel like cooking I hit up McDonald's, or Burger King.  Do that a couple a times a week, and the calories just add up.  So I read a couple diet books (The Petite Advantage Diet by Jim Kara, and Eat This, Not That by David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding, were among the few). More for motivation and ideas.  I decided that eating out was only allowed once a week, as a treat.  Everything else was home made.  I got a shit load of great food ideas from Skinnytaste.  This website has become my bible for food.  Seriously, the recipes are so good, and healthy, and  easy as hell.  Just by doing this alone, within a week I felt lighter.

After I got into the grove of this, I started adding workouts to the mix.  I committed myself to at least three a week.  If I could sneak in more, great, if not, nothing to lose my shit over. 

I also track everything I put in my mouth.  I know some people are not into calorie counting.....I get it, I fucking hate it too.....but tracking what you eat does work.  It just makes you more aware.

And for any of you that are high stress and high anxiety like me, I also got back into the yoga thing.  What is it about yoga that makes you feel so fucking good? 

Its been almost a month of these new improvements, and I gotta say, I feel so much better.  I feel healthy, lighter, and my clothes feel loser.  I actually have more energy too.  So while I hate to report that there is no magic pill to take these last 20 pounds off (Fuck I wish there was, oh how I wish there was!)...I'm sure this healthy lifestyle will feel so much more rewarding......You just have to want it.


Shauna Lynn
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