Monday, September 30, 2013

Listed: First Dating vs Married Life

Seven years ago today I married my best friend, my lover, my one and only.  So in honour of our seven years together I've reflected on the top seven differences between first dating and married life...enjoy!

1. First dating: He can do no wrong

Married: If he doesn't empty the lint trap on the dryer one more time, I'm going to rip his fucking head off.

2. First dating: It takes you an hour or so to get ready for a date with him. Everything is flawless; your make-up, your hair, your nails.  Special trips to the salon, and new outfits bought.

Married: Um......not so much

3. First dating: Under everyone of those new outfits bought is a sexy/cute/frilly matching bra and pantie set.

Married Life: He has seen the collection of granny panties you own.

4. First Dating: You talk on the phone for hours.

Married Life : Typical phone convo: Him: Hey
                                                   Me:  Hey, What do you want
                                                   Him: I'm on my way home, what's for dinner?
                                                    Me: Spaghetti, can you hurry up?
                                                   Him: I'm going as fast as I can, What are you wearing?
                                                    Me: yoga pants, and a t-shirt
                                                   Him: Cool, are we having sex tonight?
                                                   Me: Probably not
                                                   Him: Fuck

5. First Dating: Full body massages are offered, and they include oils and lotions, followed by hot sex.

Married Life: I practically have to beg for a massage.......which lasts about 10 minutes if I'm lucky.  Hot sex is still expected.

6. First Dating: Sex is conservative. 

Married Life : This is where marriage wins! Sex is no holds barred.  I know what I want, and I ain't afraid to ask for it....ditto goes for him

7. First Dating: Everything is new and exciting.  Your falling in love and its just so effortless

Married Life: Your relationship takes work, but with such a big payoff.  The honeymoon phase is fun....but marriage is a whole new level of intimacy.  That is where you get to the good stuff.  You find out you have that constant in your life....a best friend, someone in your have a team mate to take on this world with. Its fucking awesome. 

Happy anniversary baby.....I still get butterflies when you call me for our 15 second phone conversations.

Shauna Lynn

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