Monday, September 9, 2013

One Year Ago Today.........

One year ago today my whole world changed.......I became a mother.  I wanted to do something special for my little man.  So I threw him a small party at pizza hut with close family and friends.  Its the same place just a little over a year ago I had his baby shower.  My little man got spoiled, just like he did at the shower! This day was also filled with love from the people that matter most in his life. It was a great day! 

So in honour of my little man, I wrote him a letter just so he can see 20, 30, 40 years from now how wonderful is presence has been in our lives.

To my one and only Marshmallow;

WOW! You are a year already……it’s really hard to believe! I have a hard time remembering life before you were here! That’s because you have truly made mine and your father’s life better.  You have taught us more about patience, gratefulness, and love than any other person could.

Patience, because, well, babies require patience!! And you sweetie, were no different.  But you gave us a whole new skill! You were defiantly stubborn when it came to sleeping through the night!! You’re a year old, and you still don’t want too.  But that’s ok………’s more time to rock you, to snuggle you, to hear you babble on about kitties (your favourite word) and daddy (your second favourite word)

Gracefulness.  We wanted you for so long, that when we finally got you, we were so overcome by such thankfulness we could barely contain it.  I thank God every night for you my son.  A happy, healthy baby that has brought our world more joy then I know what to do with!

Love. You are the baby we wanted for so long, growing into such a little person with your own personality. You are funny, quirky, stubborn and sweet all at the same time.  Marshy, you will never quite know how much we love you until you have a child of your own.  It really is such a love, such a bond, such a miracle.

 I wanted to write you this so you could hear all about your first year.

You were born on a chilly Sunday in September.  Two days later we brought you home.  Every day was a new experience for us.  We were blessed to witness your first smile, hear your first laugh, feel your little fingers grasp onto our fingers.  And as you grew and grew we learned new and exciting things about you’

You love to play with your food…….when I feed you, it’s everywhere!! All over your high chair, in your ears, up your nose, on the floor! You also love to feed the dog. You think it’s quite funny

You have the best little laugh and giggle…….it really is contagious!

When you see your dad….you light up, and so does he!  You are his world Marshall……..he would do anything, and does everything for you.

He also taught you how to throw a ball…….your actually really good at it! And you love it.

You love books. We give you one, and you flip through the pages, while reading away. It’s too cute!

You love to be my sidekick! I take you everywhere with me, and you are just so Happy to tag along.

You love, love, love, love the cat…Smokey.  You say Kitty all the time; it’s your favourite word.  When the cat comes in the room, you get so excited.  Once you started crawling you just chase him around.  Smokey likes you all the same!

You have a biting problem….as in you like to bite! I say give me kisses, and you bite instead!

You are such a sweet and funny boy….always making us laugh.

Honey, you are the best thing that has happened to us, and this has been the best year of our lives!

Xoxoxoxoxoxo Mom and Dad


Shauna Lynn

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