Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sierra the Rottweiler is my Home Girl

After reading a story about a dog that alerted his owners to an abusive babysitter they had hired to watch there child, (Read the story here) it got me thinking about my own dog, and her relationship with Marshall. 

Sierra is a Rottweiler, also known as an "aggressive bread".  We have had many new neighbors call the city on her because of her bread. She has never down anything wrong, I'm pretty sure most people were scared of her bark.  She does have one bad ass motherfucking bark.  But if any of those neighbors came over to meet her they would find that she is just a 110lbs lap dog. Yes, this fat bitch likes to sit on your lap. She doesn't care who you are, she will flop herself on top of you in hopes that you will scratch her stomach. 

About 10 years ago we found Sierra at a local animal shelter. She was 9 months old, and had been there for about four months. As soon as I saw her, I wanted her. What a great choice that turned out to be. She has been with Matt and I almost as long as we have been together.  So when we got pregnant almost two years ago everyone was concerned that she would be jealous of the new baby. I had some people even try and talk me into finding her a new home before Marshall's arrival. There was no way that was happening. Sierra had been such a big part of our lives. We had even thought about making her a ring bearer at our wedding (if she wasn't so hyper).

When  we brought Marshall home Sierra took her place next to his cradle, and has been Marshall's watch dog ever since. 

She has never shown any aggression towards Marshall.  She spends every night sleeping outside his door.  If strangers come to close, she lets them know. 

She makes him laugh.  She cleans his fingers after each meal. (Mostly she wants the food off his hands!) She loves him. 

Truth is, since Marshall's arrival, Sierras kind of gotten the shit end of the stick.  She doesn't get the attention she use to, having to share the spotlight with the baby. When she barks now, she gets yelled at to "stop, your going to wake the baby". But she is still the loyal "bull in a china shop" dog she has always been.  Between her and our pet cat Smokey, Marshall has it pretty sweet around here. Couldn't ask for a better dog.


Shauna Lynn

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