Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I Survived My Babies First Virus......Don't I Get a Medal or Something?

It started on a Thursday. Just an ordinary Thursday. My son had been having quite the week with getting up about a zillion times in the middle of the night. Of course he decides to pull this shit while my husband is out of town.  

My mom, being the kind hearted women she is, offered to come by and watch the meatball so I could get some sleep. About 2.5 hours into that glorious nap, my mom came in my room and woke me up. "Feel Marshall" she said as she handed him to me. The little guy was warm. Using my ubber cool forehead swiping thermometer I quickly took his temperature. Holy fuck, the red light flashed indicating a fever. Marshall had never been sick before. (Save your eye rolls, this is new to me).  This started the six days from hell......

First I went to one clinic....."it's viral, he will have to just work it out on his own.....plenty of fluids and some Advil"  
Two days later, with no fever relief, and a baby that won't stop pulling on his ears I visit another clinic. "Yes he does have an ear and throat infection, take amoxacilin, 10 days, continue with Advil, lots of fluids, lots of rest. 
Two more nights of sleeplessness, the fever finally broke, and things seemed to be getting better......until Marshall broke out into a rash all over his body, accompanied by explosive diarrhea.
Back to the clinic we go.
"Your son is allergic to penicillin"
 Fucking Awesome.
 "And he still has an ear infection" 
Double Fucking Awesome. 

So the kind hearted doctor wrote me out another script, and home I went.

Another couple of nights of no sleep, irrability, coughing, a jug of coffee, an almost cigarette (dear Lord I was so fucking tempted) and I think he may be finally getting over this. But even though he was still down and out, the pork chop still managed a smile.

So to sum up my child's first virus, it sucked big time....

I feel like I've been dragged through the dirt, and then shit on (literally). So I'm wondering, do I get a medal? A nice little trophy to show off the fact that I survived the shit storm that is a one year old earache? Maybe instead of a trophy a motherfucking vacation? Or am I dreaming?

Or maybe I just suck this shit up, and remember this is just the beginning. Welcome to motherhood bitch.


Shauna Lynn

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