Friday, October 25, 2013

Tried, Tested & True: Hair Stuff

I'm in my shower this morning, rub a dub a dubbing, admiring how flipping smooth my hair is since I started using my new favorite conditioner about two months ago..........

........and that's the intro to this addition of My Favs: Hair Stuff


L'oreal EverCreme Sulphate Free Intense Nourishing Shampoo

Your gonna love this one, cause it's super fucking cheap!  My hair drinks this stuff up, and loves it. Trust me, I'm a natural brunette who dyes her hair platinum blond. I fry the shit out of my hair using 40Volume every time. This shampoo allows me to do just that, plus it smells fabulous!

Side note: switch your shampoo and conditioner to sulphate free and you'll see such a difference!


Like I mentioned before, my hair gets abused with the bleaching and what not. I need a good conditioner that can stand up to the hell  I put it through. Lucky for me, I have two that I go to. They ain't cheap, but trust me bitches, they work.

Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair
Holy shit, this stuff SAVED my hair. It literally brought it back from the dead. I even use it on my extensions, and it helps them last twice as long. I have no problem paying the $30 price tag...totally worth it.

Terax Crema Daily Conditioner
This one I have only been using for a couple of months, but fuck me is it good. My sister actually suggested this one to me, but I was turned off by the $50 price tag. But she kept insisting how it changed her hair, how I would only need to use very little, and how voluminous her once limp locks were. So when I saw it on Hautelook for $22, I thought I would give it a wurl! Yes, yes, oh my hair orgasm, yes!! I'm actually amazed at how great this stuff is!

I actually alternate days with these two conditioner, and it has make such a difference with my bleached hair. Cause nobody likes dried up dull ugly blond hair....nobody.


Once again a cheapie has my heart. Tresemme hairspray, the original one in the big black can is, and always has been my favorite. I have yet to find one to replace it. My only complaint is that it can be drying sometimes, but not enough got me to stop using it.

Stying Product:

Moroccon Oil Treatment

OK, I swear I am not there spokesperson or anything! They just make good products, and this is the one product I cant live without.  It just makes your hair so fucking sexy, I can barely take it.  Smoothes frizz, makes hair shiny, repairs it....Seriously yo, this product is the cats ass.

So hope this gave you an honest review on my favourite hair products.  I know what works for my hair type (thick, dry, over processed) may not work for every ones hair.  But just so you know, the Terax Crema has been used by some friends and family with different types of hair, and they all fucking love it.

Shauna Lynn

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