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Listed: Things that Make You a Good Friend

Every girl needs good girlfriends.  I think this becomes even more so when you become older, and even more so when you become a mother.  I'm lucky to have two girlfriends in my life that I can call sisters.  I'm even luckier that they were both mothers before me. Anytime I had a question regarding my pregnancy, and now the actual baby, I had two friends that I could call up and bombard with questions.  Plus its nice to take a break from mommy hood to go out to dinner with a friend. Like Trudy and I do.  We catch up, laugh, talk, stuff our faces until we can't eat no more. Its an excuse to pull out a pair of hot ass heels that have been hiding in my closet since Marshall's birth.  And with Dana, its nice to grab a cup of coffee and gab on the phone for an hour or two.  Dana lives in Alberta, I live in Ontario.  She moved there four years ago, and we still maintain a super close relationship. Our lives do get busy.....but making time for your friends while your a mother has been so important to be.  It keeps me sane, keeps me laughing, and each friend is a reminder of the girl I was before Marshall, and the girl I am now.

So this section is an ode to my girlfriends. I've come up with a list of "rules" that make a good seems to have worked for me and my friends.   

So here is a reference list......if you think there should be more, send me a message. I would love to add to it!

The "Be a Good Girlfriend" List

Number One

Be happy for each other

This seems simple, but I see it way to often. Girlfriends competing with each other, instead of just being happy for each other.  If your friend is going on a amazing vacation, be happy for her...she probably deserves it! Don't try and upstage her with tales of your up coming tropical vacation that is way more fancier and expensive then hers.  That's low, and unnecessary, and quite frankly makes you look like a jealous bitch.

Number Two

No Man Stealing

Now I'm going to get honest here, and say I probably did this a couple times in high school (I know, what a skank, eh!?).  But as wrong as it is to do in your teens,its even worse when your in your twenties and thirties. Your older and you know better. There is plenty of fish in the sea. Plus do you really want sloppy seconds? Finally, how would you feel if it were your man? Just don't do it.

Number Three

Take Care of your Girlfriends

Example: If your girlfriend has had too much to drink, and is falling all over herself......don't just let her stay slumped over at a table by herself while you socialize it up.  Maybe cut the night short to get her safely home. Are you thinking "while I'm not her babysitter".  If you are, your a shitty friend.  We have all been here one time or another.  Wouldn't you want a friend to do the same for you?


Number Four

Be there

I always take comfort in knowing that my friends, are always there for me, no matter what. Whether I need to vent, are having baby issues, husband issues, or just emotional.  They never make me feel like my problems are too small for them to listen to.  Granted, we are all busy, and we might have to play phone tag, or have phone conversations over kids and baby's talking in the back ground, but we still make time to be there for each other.

Number Five

Don't Talk Shit

If you have girlfriends that your super tight with, then don't talk shit about them behind there back.  If your really good friends, and you have a problem with something they did, be straight with them.

Number Six

Keep your Mouth Shut

If your friend swears you to secrecy........then shut your mouth and keep it to your self.  No one likes a gossip.

Good friends are far and few between.  Be kind to our girlfriends.

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