Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tried, Tested & True: Self Tanner

"Oh my gosh, isn't that Oompa Loompa super fucking sexy" said no one ever.
Seriously, who wants to be orange?  Especially when it comes to a self tanner. I use to be so convinced that no self tanner could give me an "Au natural" tan, that I would just use the tanning bed instead. Oh how I loved those tanning beds. But then I started to edge up on my thirties, and decided that I didn't want to look like leather face. Think back to Magda on There's Something About Mary...eek! So I went on the search for the perfect self tanner....and I found two!! One on the cheap and one on the not so cheap. Either way, both did not give me the orange effect. And friends I'm super picky about that. Just as a reference my skin tone is fair - medium. 

St. Tropez Self Tanning Mousse

This is, in my opinion, the Cadillac of bronzers in the self tanning world.  It leaves such a rich looking tan. You will seriously look like you just came back from sunning the beaches in Mexico. I actually go to a salon that uses the St. Tropez line for their airbrush tanning.....fucking perfection.  It is however a bit pricey. Averaging 50 bucks a tan, and around the same for a professional airbrush application, the shit adds up. I use this for special occasions (weddings, special dates, etc.)

Sephora Collection Tinted Self-Tanning Body Tint & Sephora Collection Gradual Tanning Lotion

This my friends is for the regular! I like both lotion and spray from Sephora's Collection (although I think they discontinued the lotion). I have never turned orange, and gets tons of compliments on this! The lotion gives more of a bronze glow, while the spray is a bit more richer. Either way you go (I personally always have both on hand) you can't go wrong! It was super hard to find a decent tanner on the cheap! This exceeds all expectations, and for 18 bucks, so fucking worth it!

Hope my tried, tested and true have provided some honest insight on your next self tanner purchase. If it hasn't, oh well, I guess Oompa Loompas need love too.

Shauna Lynn

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