Wednesday, February 12, 2014

All the Emotions that Go With Valentines Day

Depending on whats going on in your life, Valentines Day can be different things. It can be a day you celebrate love because you are in love. It can be a  day you kinda forget about, until its brought up to your attention, and then you think to yourself, "Oh shit I better get a card for my someone special".  It can be as sweet as exchanging homemade cards in a grade two classroom.  It can also be a taunting, spiteful bitch. 

The "Taunting, Spiteful Bitch" Valentines Day

I was in my early twenties, and all my girlfriends had just recently became coupled up.  It was a rather harsh pill I was trying to swallow.  Before my friends had become practically married, I had a group of single ladies that  were just as free as myself.  We were leading the independent, partying, spending money on trips/clothing/wine/ridiculous beauty products type of lifestyle.  Then at once they all had boyfriends.  Suddenly my party companions were spewing out sentences like "Oh me and Darryl are going to snuggle on the couch and watch The Notebook, you can join if you like" Um, ya, that's exactly what I want to do, as much as I want to pour battery acid into my eyeballs.

So this particular V-day I was out to prove that the single life was way better then the attached life.  This day was not going to get me down. Fuck Valentines Day.  I decided to go out with my guy friends to the bar, and have a carefree night of drinking and fun. There is only one flaw in that plan that I didn't anticipate.  When guys go to a bar on Valentines Day, they are like single girl magnets.  Within a hour of being at the bar, the four guys I went with were all chatting up girls that were trying to do the same thing as me.  Trying to forget that they were single on Valentines Day.  I ended up leaving early, going home, slapping a mud mask on my face, and watching Breakfast at Tiffany's with a bottle of wine.  Its what I probably should of done to begin with. As much as I tried not to let the day get to me, it got to me. Stupid bitch of a holiday.

The "Celebrating Love because you are in  Love" Valentines Day

Totally different story when I was I was 16, and  dating  my first real boyfriend.  He was a red head (you all know how I love my red heads) and at the time the person I thought I was going to marry. (oh teenage love, so flipping naive).  When Valentines Day rolled around I could not wait to celebrate it.  I was in love (puppy love, but love non the less) and was excited to see what my skater boyfriend had in store for us. He  bought me a rose and we went and saw Fools Rush In at the theaters. Then we went and made out in his bedroom. I really truly believed it couldn't get any better then this.  Gotta love teenage innocence, but even more so gotta love the "being in love on V-day" feeling.  I was sucking up every moment.

The "You kinda forget about it, until its brought to your attention, and then you think to yourself, Oh shit I better get a card for my husband" Valentines Day

My husband and I have been together for 10 years, and we have been married for 7.  We have been through the " celebrating love because you are in love" type of Valentines Day. We have had many romantic dinners, and long starry eyed moments over candlelight. Now when v-day roles around, I kinda forget about it. We both do.  Its not until someone says something, or I'm out at the drug store on the 13th looking at a over picked card display that I think to myself, Oh shit, I better get him a card.  Maybe its because we've been together for so long. Maybe its because I think buying over price roses is redonkulous. Or maybe we are just fucking lazy. Whatever the reason we don't really celebrate it anymore.

It's funny how one day about love can bring up so many different feelings.  Even when we are trying not to care about it,  you still sorta care about it. As a teenager in love, I was so excited for Valentines Day, writing little hearts and TLA's all over my binder. When I was single, I actually loved being single.  It was only on Valentines Day that I felt the need to prove it.  Now as a grown ass women, who sorta forgets about the holiday until the last minute, who's practical side out weighs her romantic side, I still find myself wondering if maybe I should be making a bigger deal out of it.  Maybe I will surprise the husband this year and take him out for dinner. How are you going to spend V-day?

Shauna Lynn


  1. I love your blog! Just stopping by from Bloggie Love's Feb.Hop and so glad I did. Your writing is smart and funny. I couldn't agree more with this post. I've been married for 15 this year and I haven't cared to celebrate with my hubs in years. I do always get my daughter a box of chocolates and try to let her know how special she is to me, though. I guess the older and more secure we become with ourselves the day takes on a different meaning. Looking forward to reading more from you!

    1. Thanks for the compliment and the stop by!! I love how you point out that the more secure we get in our relationships the day has a new meaning. When I was telling someone how I forget the day is coming until its pointed out, they responded back with "sounds like your married". Its funny, cause its so true!