Monday, February 3, 2014

Girl Crush

A girl crush (in my opinion) is  a great compliment to a fellow women. Its a refreshing change compared to the girl on girl hate we can all be apart of sometimes. I can't say I'm not guilty of talking smack about another lady....especially in high school (god we can be some catty bitches), but as Ive matured in my 31 years I find myself valuing my girlfriends more and more.   Announcing a girl crush doesn't necessarily mean you want to make out with your crush (although I may or may not have actually done this). It's just your way of saying  "Hey, your fucking cool as hell, and I love your work" or "Fuck your an  awesome person".  It's admiring another women.  Not in a jealous way (although I am kinda jealous of those girls with the super tight ass you can bounce a quarter off.  Fuck, just once I would like to hear a guy say they want to bounce a quarter off my ass.)  So in honour of my fellow girlfriends and women everywhere (cue song "where my girls at, from the front to back" by 702) I've complied a list of my girl crushes.

1. Allison Sweeney

I feel like if I were to meet Allison Sweeney she would be a super nice person. She just seems like the type of women I would want to hang out with. Plus I think she's a great role model for us moms.  She shows that if you want it, you can have the career, motherhood, and the body, you just have to work hard for it. And have you seen her recent spread in Shape magazine?? If her body isn't enough motivation, then I really don't know what the fuck is.

Photo: Shape Magazine, May 2013

2. Police Women

First a confession: Men in police uniforms are super fucking hot, but women are even hotter.
I have always admired police women. They are bad ass, heroic, and they can hang with the boys. And having chosen a career where they literally may have to put there lives on the line.........How can you not respect and admire that?

3. My Friend Trudy

Background on Trudy: Trudy is one of my oldest friends. We met in grade nine gym class, and have had a pretty tight friendship ever since.  Trudy took my side when I sorta kinda started dating another girls boyfriend (see what I mean about high school cattiness....fuck!) He was a ginger, and those who know me, know I can't help myself when it comes to gingers. Its really not even my fault.

Anyway now that we are a bit older we don't always get to see each other a lot (we do talk/text daily though). So we try and organize date nights every couple months.  Every date night we go on, I end up hitting on her. And why wouldn't I? As a women, she is the total package, pretty, funny, hard working, and supper down to earth.  As a mom/wife/sister/daughter/friend, she is pretty amazing too.  Its kinda hard not to have a crush on her....shes a girls girl and a guys girl.....she's just plain awesome.

 Trudy & I, Grade 9, 1996

Trudy and I at the "Thunder from Down Under" show, 2011

Do me a favour and tell your girl crush she fucking rocks.........

Shauna Lynn


  1. So, thanks to the inspiration in this post, I just texted my girl crush. When she was getting married she called me her wife, and I did the same for her. If it weren't for all the distance I'd see her all the time. Anyway, your right she should know.

    1. Its always good to show a fellow women some girl love!! Thanks for the read and the comment! :)