Saturday, February 1, 2014

I'm Definitely Not 25 Anymore

I stopped by my sister-in-laws house the other day to catch up on whats going on in her life. There is nothing like sitting down with a 25 year old that makes you realize how much different you view things.  Don't get me wrong, shes a pretty mature 25 year old, but it is such a different mentality from 25 to 31. While I like to think I will always stay young at heart, I can't help but notice that I may be getting too old, or out growing certain things..........

1. Pants with Words Printed Across the Ass 

In my twenties I had a whole drawer of yoga pants and booty shorts with words like "Foxy", "Angel" & "Juicy" printed across the butt......and I wore them all the fucking time.  Wow did I think I was hot shit in those pants. But if I even attempted to wear those pants out now it would just be weird.......and sad.

2. Celebrating Your Birthday for More Than One Day

When I was in my early twenties, I really did believe my birthday was some sort of national holiday that everyone should acknowledge. The celebration usually spanned over 4 or 5 days.  I would say things like "its my birthday week" to justify the next 3 days of binge drinking and free shots from hot bartenders.  Now that I'm in my thirties, and I hear a younger peer whine the same phrase, I think to myself....."Its just a fucking birthday, holy chill with the entitlement already" how we change.

3. Jager Bombs

Remember those shots where Jager was dropped into Red Bull?  I use to do at least five on any given party night. I'm pretty sure if I did one now I would drop to the ground and have a full blown seizure.....or my heart would explode.

4. Facebook

I was surfing my Facebook the other day, like I do most days, and thought to myself......I may need to get rid of my account.  Not because I don't enjoy seeing whats going on in other peoples lives, I do. Not because I don't want to see fun, happy, emotional articles, because I love that too.  Its the fucking drama.  Everyday I see at least 15 people complaining and bitching about such mundane shit. Or subtle Facebook statuses like this : " Certain people need to realize that there not the center of the universe....Just Say in". Personally I don't Facebook fuck around and would just tell that certain person there being a dip shit....just saying. It drives me fucking bonkers!! (yes, I just used the word bonkers!!). I think I may be out growing Facebook.......I'm probably going to get rid of soon as I update my status this one last time.........maybe.

Shauna Lynn


  1. hahahaha. This post made me laugh. So, I'm 42. Should I get rid of my Juicy sweat pants. (Just kidding.) But yeah, you just wait another ten years. The differences then will amaze you.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I remember my mom telling me when I was 20 how different I would think and feel when I was 30. I remember thinking "yeah, right'! Turns out, she was right! :)