Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I Gave up Facebook......Two Days and Counting......

I gave up my personal facebook account......two days and counting.  See, I had a love/hate relationship with facebook. One minute I was shaking my head at someones passive aggressive status update.  The next minute I'm laughing at a newly posted grumpy cat picture. (fuck,I love that cat)

All that aside, I would be lying if I said that it hasn't been a little weird. Weirdly it has. Will I stay away forever? I don't know, its only been two days. In the mean time, here's a list I compiled on what I will and will not miss about facebook.

What I Will Not Miss About Facebook

1. The "Updates Status Every Hour" Offender.

You all know that person. The one with 52 facebook statuses a day, on the most mundane shit ever.

Something like this:

7am : Off to the Gym

8am: Went to the gym, now I'm off to work

9am: Work sucks

10am: Facebooking at work, what can I say

11am: Still at work, cant wait to go home

1pm: Had subway for lunch, (insert picture of meatball sub) super yummers. Now back to work.

3pm: Finally done work. Yeah me. Time to go home

5pm: Home now! Playing with my dog Snikerdoodles

6pm: Eating some steak and potatoes (insert picture of steak and potatoes) for dinner yo!

7pm : Think I'm going to bed early, yawn! Cant wait for tomorrow to tell you all about my day again, minute by fucking minute.

2. Duck Face Selfies - The fact that these are so wildly made fun of, yet still practised amuses me.  It would be different if duck faces made the person more attractive. As if pursing your lips together to form a beak was sexy. It is not. No one looks good with a lip formed one.

4. Debbie Downer Behaviour

"Life sucks"

"Nobody likes me"

"Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy me????"

The negativity is by far my biggest pet peeve on facebook.  Look,  I totally get the whole throwing yourself a pity party here and happens. I'm sure even the most optimistic person in the world, has been down and out.  But the constant "whoa is me, life sucks, always going to find the negative" is so draining.

5. Weather Updates

"Its Snowing"

"It's thundering"

"The sun is out, and its hot"

I could of figured this out on my own......I promise.

What I Will Miss About Facebook

Now to counter act the annoying with the pleasant...

1. Good News - I'm always happy when I hear about something good happening to another person. Awesome vacation, new baby, new house, new job, fuck,  brand new purse. Whatever it is, happiness is contagious.

2. Pets - Who doesn't love pictures of your pet dog with a pair of sunglasses on , snuggling up to your cat Furball. I love that shit.

3."Feel Good" Videos - Some of the greatest videos I've seen, I found on facebook. How about that one where the dad video tapped his sons first year, after he was born three months premature. Bawled my eyes a good way.

4. Liking Things - I like liking things. You get coupons for liking things. Its easy to follow fellow bloggers by liking them. I get random status updates from Saved by the Bell for liking them.......I'm going to miss those.

A friend asked why I decided to give up Facebook. I think it's because I almost don't remember what life before the social media giant was like. Crazy, eh?! (Oh hell yeah, I'm Canadian). It's an experiment: How long can I get along without Facebook? Will I miss it? I suspect one of three things will happen:

1. I will stay off facebook, forever
2. I will cave, and re-open my account
3. I will open an account for Freckles and Curse Words, and tell myself its only for self promoting my blog.

Any bets on to which one?

Shauna Lynn


  1. Found your blog from When Crazy Meets Exhaustion and was seriously glad I found this post. I have a few friends that have quit Facebook recently and have said because "it causes trouble". I want to laugh every time I hear someone say that as if Facebook put a gun to their head and made them post the things they have posted or for their behavior. Thanks for sharing this great post, going to stalk your blog a bit more and see what I find.

  2. Thanks for the comment and read. There's always good and bad with everything, right? Its been a week today, and I would be lying if I said I didn't miss it a little bit. But I also don't miss it as much as I thought I would. I'm going to keep going and see how it plays out! :)


    My daughter is hooked on this group. I guess its because her daddy is a proud alum of the university. I thought of this when reading your post. Enjoy!

    1. I watched this video and seriously could not stop laughing!! That is some funny shit! Thanks for the read, but mostly thanks for the laugh!! :)