Friday, February 21, 2014

Soundtrack: Workout Bitch

As I mentioned in my previous post, the husband and I have been working out.  Sweating our asses off. Hitting the gym. Trying to be healthy and shit. Feel free to read about it HERE. 

I could never work out unless I had some killer music to do it to.  I make play lists for all aspects of my life (example: driving to do errands, I play my "errands bitch" soundtrack). Side note: All play lists/soundtracks end in "bitch".

I thought I'd share one of my soundtracks for working out.

Soundtrack: Workout Bitch

Best for:  Lifting weights, like the fucking rock star you are. (see, I like to motivate too!)

1. Gimme More - Brittany Spears

2. Fighter - Christina Aguilera

3. Almost Famous - Eminem

4. S&M - Rhianna

5. Violet - Hole

6. Dance, Dance - Fall out Boy

7. Hot and Cold - Katy Perry

8. Stronger - Brittany Spears

9. Bad Company - Five Finger Death Punch

This play list gets me really pump weights. Wow,  that last sentence was way too cheesy for this blog. Sorry about that.

Shauna Lynn

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  1. I'm glad to see there's other women that
    A) Appreciate the many wonderful ways in which the simple little word "fuck" can be used in everyday conversation, and
    B) Have a playlist for everything. My iPod has playlists for "driving," "running," "cleaning," "dirty," (all the non-PG songs), "Kayla's music" (my daughter), "hard rock/metal" (which basically overlaps Kayla's music), and "sensory deprivation" which sounds creepier than it is cause it's basically music to zone out to.

  2. I love making playlists to stuff! Love your workout playlist!

    1. Thanks!! I always need good music playing no matter what!!