Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy One Year Blog Anniversary to Me!!

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Sometimes you let your dreams get away from you. You don't mean to, it just happens. Life happens.  

Growing up I wanted to be a writer. It was my dream. I remember being eight years old, and penciling everyone books for Christmas. In school English was my favorite subject. I especially loved it when we were assigned an essay or short story. I even loved writing speeches every year. (I hated the actual delivery of these speeches, because public speaking made me want to vomit my face off.........I'm a bit better at it now). As I got older, I still liked to write. I always kept a diary. Sometimes I would write fictional stories on those pages. I used to write to my husband all the time. I even applied for the journalist program at college, but ended up going the business route instead. I convinced myself it was the more logical way to go. Then I got busy with life, and my writing got pushed aside. I didn't do it often, I lost touch with it. 

Four months after my son was born, and I was home with him on maternity leave, I started to really think about what I wanted to do with my life. I turned 30 that year, and I felt like the time was now. Did I want to look back on my life wondering what if? So on a whim,  I started a blog. I named it "Motherhood and Heels" and wrote 2-3 post a month . I typed about trying to stay true to myself, while being a mom. It was my way of getting back into writing. The more I wrote, the more I realized how much I missed writing.  How much I loved writing. When January rolled around, I decided to start taking this blogging hobby a little more seriously. I revamped the blog a bit. Turned it into Freckles and Curse Words, and committed to two post a week.  Is it paying me millions of dollars? No. It is also more work now. Despite these things, I've never been happier. I'm doing what I've always wanted to do. 

So please, take it from me. Don't let you stand in the way of you. We have one life. Do what makes you happy. No excuses, no questions, no apologies. Happy one year blog anniversary to me!

Shauna Lynn

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