Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Live in this Moment

I came home from the gym last night, and my 18 month old ran to the door to greet me.  He was so exited to see me, he threw his hands up and gestured for me to grab him. As I embraced his tiny little frame, I thought to myself, how many more of these do I have? The thought stuck with me for the rest of the night.  It seemed like yesterday I was bringing him home from the hospital, and now hes running around, feeding himself, attending day care, and becoming more and more independent by the day.  He wont always want me to kiss his face all over, or sit in my lap for a story.  I won't always be able to carry him from the car when he falls asleep, or let him crawl into bed with me when his crib just won't do.  This realization makes me sad, but it's also a reminder to live in the moment. This moment. It's so easy to get caught up in the everyday.  Work, bills, stress. However, if we get in the habit of realizing whats truly important, and act on it, I think we can get the most out of life. Those dishes will still be there tomorrow, but the moment to get on the ground and play dinky cars with your son may be gone before you know it. 

Marshall 2 weeks old                                                                Marshall today at 18 months

I know hes still only 18 months, and I have lots of snuggles left.  I just want to be aware that it goes by so quickly. I want to take advantage of every moment we have, while looking forward to what each new age brings. I've also decided that I don't care what age he is, I'm still going to kiss his face!

Shauna Lynn


  1. i am due in may. i can't wait for my little cherub to arrive!

    1. Awww thats awesome!!! Congrats!! Motherhood is the best thing that happened to me! :)