Friday, March 21, 2014

The Power of Positive Thinking

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 Yesterday was a hectic day.  I rolled my ass out of bed at 5:30 am, and I didn't stop until 9pm.  It went a little like this:

5:30 am - Get ass out of bed

5:45 am - Pour coffee into eyeballs. 

6 am: - Do a quick workout

7 am: 18 month old rises from slumber, and excitedly calls for the kitty from his crib

7:30 am - Feed, change, and get 18 month old (aka Marshall, or the Marshmallow) ready for grandmas house

8:am - Start truck, load up diaper bag, grab Marshall, and get us ready for the road

8:20am - Arrive at grandmas (aka: my moms) house. Throw Marshall at her, cartwheel the diaper bag at the door, jump in the truck, drive to work

8:50 am - Arrive at work

3:40 pm - Done work bitches! Jump in truck and drive to pick up the 18 month old.

4:15pm - Arrive at grandmas. Stop to chit chat, grab the cutest baby alive, buckle him in, and drive home.

4:35pm - Get home and start throwing things around, trying to get myself ready for hot yoga

5:00 pm - Blend myself a smoothie, while yelling profanities to my husband

5:25 pm - Arrive at Hot yoga. Time to get all zen and shit.

6:30pm - Done sweating my ass off, drive to dinner.

6:50 - Meet Andrea at a Mediterranean grill, where we proceed to drink wine, eat calamari and shrawma,

9pm - Arrive home. Collapse on the couch to watch a recorded episode of Modern Family.

As I was trying to get myself together before the hot yoga class, I found myself throwing a pity party.  I was yelling things out like "I never have enough time", "I don't even know why I bother trying to have a life" and "I'm never going to make it, I might as well call Andrea and cancel".  I stomped around, got all huffy, and if time would of allowed it, I probably would of thrown myself to the ground like a three year old, and had a full blown tantrum.  I was tired, rushed, and  I didn't like it.

I finally got myself out the door at 5:10. While driving to hot yoga, sipping on my smoothie, and puffing on my vapour cigarette, I started to laugh to myself. 

Did I really just throw myself a pity party over having a full and fulfilling life? 

Seriously, bitch? Give your fucking head a shake. 

Yeah I was running late, but I'm lucky I have a good friend, and a fun class to run late to.

Yes, I'm super rushed, but I knew about this for days. I could have planned better.  Had my bag already packed, and my shit together a littler more. Regardless, I'm still going to make it to the class, and have a great dinner after.

Yes, there is never enough time in a day, but if we are lucky, we get a new day to start over with.

It is so much easier to give in to the self pity. To feel sorry for ourselves. To sit back, throw our hands up in the air, and say "fuck it". However,  if you can teach yourself, to catch yourself when your in self pity mode.  Learn to turn those "whoa is me" moments into positive reasoning, you will be amazed at how much more you get out of life.  How much happier you feel, and how much more good you see. I  notice the more positive I think, and do, the more it bounces off of other people, and visa versa.  Who would you rather be around? Someone who is upbeat, and has a optimistic view? Or the bitch that complains about complaining?

The power of positive thinking. Try it.

Shauna Lynn

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