Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Bunny Bitch

Happy Easter! I hope everyone one ate a shit load of chocolate, and stuffed their faces with spiral ham and mashed potatoes.

I didn't get ham, because my husband doesn't like it (what a lunatic). Don't feel sorry for me just girl Trudy saved me some ham from her family dinner (One of the many reasons girlfriends rock).

Anyway, I couldn't help but note how different this Easter was from last.  Last Easter was my munchkins first Easter. He was 8 months old, so I knew he wouldn't remember anything, but I still wanted to do something special.  I made a Easter basket full of sippy cups, feeding spoons, fruit nets (those things are the shit for teething babies by the way), and new clothes. I set up everything the night before, and was excited to see the result in the morning.  Everything was exciting and new.

This year Marshall is a year older.  He can walk/run, does a little talking, and gets excited when he sees new things. It was fun picking out stuff he would enjoy this spring.  The husband and I  stayed up late putting his wagon together from the Easter bunny, then crashed on the couch watching re-runs of The Walking Dead on Netflix.

At 7 am, I heard Marshall over the monitor, and punched my husband to get up.

"I haven't put any of his stuff out" I hiss at him.

"Are you going to make us coffee" was his response.

I swear my husband wants to be punched in the face sometimes.  Why else would he say the shit he says?

"Um, no, I'm not going to make your ass coffee. I  need you to go get Marshall, keep him upstairs, well I play Easter bunny bitch and put out his toys"

"OK.....but you know we have the Tassimo, it makes the coffee pretty quick"

I'm staring at him with a blank face.  I make sure I don't blink, just so he knows how quickly this shit could escalate if he doesn't get his ass off the couch, and go entertain our son.

My crazy dead pan stare works, because he does just that.  I can hear him walk into our sons room. I  hear Marshall clapping and calling daddy. I  hear them up in the kitchen, getting juice, and the coffee my husband wouldn't shut the fuck up about.

I have 45 seconds to get this shit done.

I drag the wagon over to the corner, stand the Thomas the Train book up against it, throw his dinky cars and the pair of pajamas I bought him into the frog basket, and place the little shovel, rake and hoe set next to it, along with the tyke size Muskoka chair.  I'm pretty sure I've set this shit up with such excellence that people all over North America would be dying to 'pin" my very example all over Pinterest.

The reaction from Marshall is priceless.  He sees it all and yells "Wow". He runs for it. He grabs the basket and acknowledges it for a whole  15 seconds, then spots the box the wagon came in.

 He plays with that box for an hour.

Next time this Easter Bunny Bitch is going to Costco, and asking for an array of boxes in different sizes!

After he was done with his new favourite toy, we did take a nice walk with the wagon to the park.

            Marshall - Easter 2013 - 8 months old

 Marshall-Easter 2014-19 months old

How was your Easter?

Shauna Lynn


  1. Shauna, My boys are all in their 20's now and think they would still play in a big box! If we were smart we'd start selling these as toys on amazon!

    1. Maybe we should!! I bet you we would sell out every holiday!! ;)

  2. We had a great Easter! I love that you made a big deal about it. I just blogged about that, actually. And I love that little wagon! So cuuuuute! I would totally pin that bitch.

    1. Thanks!! :) Glad to hear you had a good Easter!