Monday, April 14, 2014

From Training Bra to Full Support Brassiere (And Every Bra In Between)

My boobs are too big. Don't roll your eyes at me......its  not the good big. More like the top heavy, chunky  looking big. Seriously, there like the size of my face right now.  Maybe I'm doing too many chest presses?  Regardless, I knew I needed to go bra shopping for some more supportive brassiere's. (Am I the only person who thinks the word brassiere is awesome? Plus when I think of that word, I picture a big giant its all so fitting and poetic).  As I went through the racks of full support  brassiere's at Target, I started thinking about the different stages of bra shopping I have gone through.  It all started in the sixth grade.....

The Training Bra

This was an awkward, yet exciting  time for me.  I had just got my weird pointy boobs. Obviously this meant I was a full fledged woman. Granted, I still needed to get my period, but after that I'd be all set. My mom took me to the local K-Mart and helped me pick out a bra. I practically ran to school the next day to tell my BFF at the time, that I, Shauna, was also wearing a training bra.  To be honest, she didn't seem as excited as I thought she would be. She was probably a little envious, being my boobs were pointier than hers. Well I was excited that I had joined the "training bra" club, I still wasn't sure I liked the actual boobs themselves.

The Twenties Bra

My breast were awesome through my teenage years and my twenties, and bra shopping was just as fun.  I would spend my cash on cute bras with matching undies. There were tons of  prints to choose from. Polka dots, cheetah prints, stripes, all topped off with laces and bows.  I had a La Senza membership card, and put it to good use.

The "Sex Me" Bras

When  my husband and I first started dating, we were all over each other, all the fucking time (who isn't during the honeymoon stage....amiright!?!). I loved showing up at his place with a summer dress on, just knowing I had on a hot ass lace push-up bra underneath.

The Pregnancy Bra

Once I got pregnant my breast got holy shit big.  I purchased a bunch of "big titty nursing bras" (that's what there called, right?), and felt a little better about the coverage.

The Post Pregnancy Bra

Then I had the baby, and the leaky porn star titties showed up (also known as my milk came in). As I was getting the hang of nursing (its a little tricky at first!), I didn't realize they would leak so bad. As in through my t-shirt bad. Two big ole wet circles.  Thankfully I was out in public when it happened.   After that fun ordeal, I bought some nursing pads, to go with my bras.

The After Nursing Bra

Once I wrapped up nursing my son, my boobs were not as perky as they once were (as in they liked to look at the floor).  Thank god for the double push up bra!! I rocked that thing on date nights and girl nights. They brought those girls up to where they were suppose to be...under my chin.

The Full Supportive Bra

As much as I love my double push up bras (and I do love them), for everyday use, there just not comfortable, and practical.  So here I am, shopping for "full support bras". The ones with the thick straps, and complete cups. Owned by old Aunt Ethal's all over the world.

I wonder it my twenties bras miss me as much as I miss them?

Shauna Lynn


  1. Im not sure where the girls are in this continuum. I'm still in my twenties, but I have had to exchange my cute matchy bras and panties for more supportive kinds. I don't even want to think about how large and in charge my boobs will be when I get pregnant!

  2. I've spent a fortune on bras in my life. We have a fab shop called bravissimo where you can get a bras structured like scaffolding yet still pretty!

    1. I want to shop there!!!! Thanks for the comment :)

  3. I had double Gs after having my kids. Now they're double sad. I'm in the "I'm done having babies and nursing and my kids have literally sucked the sexy out of these things so lets fill them up with salene" phase.

    My best friend is VS bombshell. Makes me look like i have implants without the implants.

  4. The word brassiere is definitely a heavy duty bra to me!