Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Child Gets His Weirdness From Me

It's fun to watch your child grow into a little person.  Just last year Marshall was a 9 month old baby. Now he's a 20 month old toddler. He walks/runs, talks (a little), eats on his own, and just last night he took his own pants off.  He has dislikes (peas) and likes (bubble baths).  He can sip through a straw, he goes to daycare two days a week.  It's been crazy watching all his little personalities develop right in front of me. 

Along with these traits, I've noticed he has also developed a few of his own quirks.

1. He loves to twirl his hair (or who ever's hair is near by, usually my ponytail) while he watches TV or falls asleep.

2. He pretends to eat things. He will seriously grab the air, put it in his mouth, chew, swallow, and say "Mmmm!"

3. He has an obsession with fuzzes and lint balls.

Let me elaborate on the third one.

If a sweater has lint balls on them, he will spend how ever long it takes removing said lint balls.......and then try to eat them.

I promise you people I feed my kid.

His lint ball/fuzzy obsession has been going on for a while. His day home sitter even sent me a picture of him picking all the fuzz balls off her sweater.  Being this is my first kid, I started wondering if I should be concerned.  Was this normal?  I expressed this to the best parenting expert I mom.

"Yeah,  you use to do them same thing" she replied,  not even fazed by what I just told her.

"Excuse me?" I say back, with my one eyebrows raised to the sky  "I use to eat fuzz balls?"

"No you wouldn't eat them, you just shoved them up your nose"

"Your joking me, right"?

"Not at all.  You actually had a fuzzy chair that was completely bald on the one side from you picking all the fuzz off of it." my mom says with a laugh.

Holy shit, my son gets his weirdness from me.

"I actually had to take you to the hospital once" she continues "You  shoved a sunflower seed up your nose, and we couldn't get it out.

Cool, cool, I'm obviously a giant freak show who has an obsession with sticking objects up my nose. And on top of that it appears this fuzz ball obsession gene is genetic.

"SO, I shouldn't be worried"? I ask my mom.

"No, no, not at all. If you think about it, it's kinda cute!"

"Yeah, I guess......its just that he gets soooo much of his looks and personality from Matt (the husband), I guess I wanted to pass on something from me to him too......and a lint ball obsession wasn't exactly what I had in mind." I realize I may be getting my pout on at this point. It's not that I don't love that he is a little version of my husband....I totally do. Seeing them together makes my heart swell. But I also birthed the little bugger, so sue me if I want him to have a little something from me.

"You know the way he plays with your ponytail as he falls asleep?" Asks my mom. "Well you use to do the same thing, and your grandpa loved it so much, he use to take your hand and put it on his head so you would twirl his was sweet.  He gets his sweetness from you".

Oh moms, they always know what to say. 

Plus the fact that my son "pretend eats" and "loves them lint balls" always makes me laugh. When I laugh, he laughs right along with me.

Enjoy your quirks son.......they truly are what makes you unique.....and sweet.

Shauna Lynn

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  1. Adorable pic of you both! He will have even more of your weirdness as he grows.It's so awesome! I have 3 boys who all are similar personality wise to me. My youngest is the most like me. That poor boy even looked like me as a baby. Peeps always would mistake him for a girl even though I always dressed him in blue and trucks. He's a pretty boy!