Thursday, June 12, 2014

So Your Holding a Positive Pregnancy Test........

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My husband and I tried for over a year, before we got pregnant with our son Marshall. The month before I tested positive,  I had been four days late.  I was convinced I was pregnant. That was until that bloody bitch showed up and crushed my dreams. So the day I took the positive pregnancy test, I actually didn't expect to be pregnant.  See,  after the crushing negative test the month before, the husband and I decided to take a break from trying. To just be. So as I stared at the freshly pissed on test, with a very faint positive line, I was in disbelief. I mean the second line was barely there. Was it even there?   

I ran to the nearest drug store and bought one of those early detection test.(First Response, if you wanna know!) This test wasn't fucking around.  I pissed on it, and it lit up like a Christmas Tree. BAM. Two pink very detectable lines. 

My reaction went a little like this:

Holy shit .....I'm pregnant!!!

I'm pregnant!!!

I'm pregnant.

I'm....... pregnant?

I'm. Totally. Fucking. Pregnant.

Even though we had been trying, and wanting this so bad, my emotions were everywhere. I  started to teeter on the psychotic.  One minutes I was laughing, the next minute I was crying.  Then there was that good solid 45 minutes where I just stared into space. But after the initial shock wore off, and I came back to earth, I was excited to get on with my new pregnant lifestyle.  

Here is my advice on what to do, if you are holding a positive pregnancy test:

1.  Get Your Emotions Out. - If you need to laugh, laugh.  If you need to cry, cry.  If you need to rock yourself back and forth in a corner until your brain can comprehend the fact that your growing an actual person in your uterus.....then rock away.  My point is, now is not the time to keep it all in. Let your crazy, happy, scared, worried self out.

2.  Tell Your Partner - Once you have sorta calmed down, to a place where you can form words,  plan a way to tell your partner.  I went out and bought a small onesie.  When my husband came home, I greeted him at the door with it.  

He didn't get it.

"That's cute. Who's it for" he asked completely clueless.

"Our baby"  I replied with a smile so wide, it practically ran off my face and out the door.

"What? Why? Really? No? Yes? Yes?" were the babbles of words that flowed freely from his mouth.

See its fun and hilarious to tell your partner.

3. Bask in Your Moment.  Before you go running the streets, grabbing anybody who will look your way, and screaming in their face that your with child, try and refrain.  Just soak it all in.  Plan, dream, and wonder.  It really is such an exciting time.

4. Call the Doctor- Once you've processed, and told who you want to (or don't want to) make a doctors appointment.  That way she can address any questions you have, you can have some blood work done, and to hardcore confirm your one of the pregnant bitches! Boo ya!

Holding a positive pregnancy test for the first time, can leave you feeling bombarded with emotions.....even if you were trying.  But look at it this way, you really are about to embark on a pretty wild ride! And if you decide to do it again, the second time won't be so scary.  I should know, I just found out we are expecting baby #2!

Shauna Lynn




  1. Lol! This great advice, Shauna! FYI I had a slight period with my 3rd baby for several months so I was shocked when the doctor told me she thought I was 4 months along! I continued to have one for almost the entire pregnancy. It would just be very faint every 28 days. It was odd but he was normal and healthy and I worked out through out my pregnancy.

    1. Shauna, Congrats on baby number 2! I meant to say that this morning but forgot!!!

    2. Thanks Susie!! I have heard of that happening, but it must of been crazy to hear that not only are you prego, but four months along!! :)

  2. Congradulations! I think this is one of those moments that doesn't get as much attention as it should. What it ACTUALLY feels like waiting for the response and what it REALLY feels like when it is positive! Thanks for sharing. (Stopping by from the SITS Girls Sharefest)

    1. Thank you! Yeah, its a crazy moment in time, no matter what your reaction! Thanks so stopping by!

  3. I LOVE this! It's nice to hear honest feelings (which are so much more awesome) without all the fluff when finding out you're pregnant. Congrats to you! :)

    -Kim ( Admin @ )

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