Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Sun is Out, and I'm Taking Advantage

I love summer, it is by far my favourite season. The warm weather, BB Q's, sunsets, fireworks, beaches, and swimming. I was born in the summer, and if it were feasible I would live my whole life barefoot in the warm grass. So after that long brutal, tortuous, winter (have I mentioned that I have a flair for the dramatics), I'm loving the warmer weather. So much so, that we are barely in the house. I'm ready to grab spring and summer by the balls, and take advantage of every sunny moment.  Here is how we've been spending the warmer weekends:

6:30 am : The Marshmallow (aka my 21 month old son Marshall) wakes up and calls for me from his room. I guess he didn't get the memo that weekends are for sleeping in.

8:00am - My little family goes out for breakfast. I don't feel like cooking on the weekends.....I'm just not the domestic goddess that you may think I am. (dripping with sarcasm)

9:00am - We find ourselves at The Home Depot.  Summer is also time for the husband to get some projects done around the house. 

10:30 - The husband (aka Matt) and I take our Marshmallow to the park, for a walk, garage sale'ing, or a festival/event that our city may be having. This also tires the little munchkin  right the fuck out.
2:30 - After lunch and a nap, Marshmallow is up and ready for action. We usually play in the back yard. My husband does some yard work, while I yell orders from a lawn chair, drinking a large ice coffee. Last weekend it was really warm, so we busted out the sprinkler. If your looking for a cheap way to spend the hot summer days.....a sprinkler is it! Marshall ran through that thing for and hour and a half straight! 

5:00pm - Dinner time rolls around, and we always have something to BBQ. Last weekend it was shish-ka-bobs, with a delicious greek salad. I seriously thought about licking the plate. We eat outside on the patio, and enjoy the last bit of day left.

8:00pm-  Matt starts a bonfire, and we let Marshall hang out with us in his pj's a little pass his bed time. What can I say, we are clearly the epitome of cool parents.

9:00pm - I put my beautiful baby boy to bed, smelling like campfire and spring time, then join my husband around the fire. Sometimes a few friends will stop by, sometimes it's just us, but it's a nice way to wind down our night.

Are you taking advantage of the warm weather?

Shauna Lynn


  1. Oh the warm weather is so very welcome after the brutal polar vortex winter we had! I haven't closed my windows for a couple of weeks now. I love it!

  2. Me too Susie!! Nothing like the freash air coming through the windows!!

  3. Oh gosh, we love spending summer outside! LOVE!!! Def cool parents with a campfire and late bed time:)!!

    1. I plan on letting him know when hes a teenager, that I use to let him stay up late all the time when he was a toddler!! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. That sounds like the perfect way to spend a summer day. Especially before it gets extremely unbearably hot. Love the notion of barking orders and sipping iced coffee!

    1. Your right about the heat....sometimes it can get to be too much! Thanks for stopping by!