Friday, May 1, 2015

Signs You Need More Adult Interaction

My husband walks in the door from work, and I immediately swarm him.

"Hey babe, how was your day today"? 

"Good, how was yours" he answers back cautiously 

"Oh you know, baby on tit, toddler running around like a lunatic, the usual....but back to your day, what did you do?" I ask excitedly, waiting too anxiously for his answer.

"I supervised a bunch of guys"

"Ohhhhhh!! And then what?"

"Then I had lunch"

"Really?!?!" I say, absolutely fascinated by this "What did u have for lunch?"

"Uh, an egg salad sandwich, and soup" 

"Ohhhh!! And then what?"

"And then I went back to work" my husband says dully 

"Cool, anything happen from there?" I ask, eyeballs about to pop out of my head from anticipation.

"Not really babe" 

It's then I realize that I've been hanging onto his every word like he's the Dalai Lama .

I also realize that half of what I said to him was in baby talk. 

I clearly need more adult contact. 

Here are more signs that you need a grown up day out. 

1. Your One Unkept Bitch

I walked by a full length mirror the other day, only to stop, back up, and stare. My reflection was fucking scary. My eyebrows looked like two giant caterpillars were trying to get it on. The grey sweat shirt I was wearing had pit stains on it, and I realized that I haven't had a hair cut since August........its fucking April for crying out loud.

2. You Find Yourself Trying to Talk to Anyone Who Will Listen

The guy in the drive-thru handing you your morning coffee? You know that he has two kids, a boy and girl (Benjamin and Abby).  Is currently working two jobs to put him self through school to be a nurse. His girlfriend Felicia totally supports him, and is his rock when he has a bad day. Also his dog Ringo is scheduled to get fixed next week, and he's wondering if he's making the right choice. 

3. The Song Stuck in Your Head Came From One of Your Kids TV Shows

"Their two, their four,  their six, their eight, shunting trucks and hauling freight...." 

Do you know this song? I do....its from Thomas and Friends. I know every......... single .........word. I hum this song all day every day, sometimes well snapping my fingers and doing a jig. I sing it around the house well washing dishes and folding the never ending pile of laundry.  I even find myself humming this tune behind the wheel of my truck, cruising down the street with no kids......... 

Yep, I definitely need some more adult interaction.

Shauna Lynn

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  1. Sadly, I understand what this is like. Not because I have children, but because I work from home and there are days I don't have any adult interaction and I miss it so much. And when my bf comes home from work, I swarm him like this, too. And he's about as excited to tell me about his day as your hubby is to tell you about yours :)

    Stopping in from SITS Sharefest--hope you're enjoying your weekend!