Heyyyyy! Thanks for stopping by! I’m pretty excited you’re here.  You may be wondering about me, and what the hell this blog is all about…………well I can answer that for you…………….

My name is Shauna, and I'm a 30 something mother/wife/sister/daughter and friend. I'm a bookkeeper by day, and dreamer/blogger in my free time. I am addicted to hot yoga, sushi ,smoothies, pizza, and using exclamation points too much (seriously, people if I didn't triple edit my blog, they would be all over the place!) I love Spanx, and think Sara Blakely should run for president of the whole world.  I'm a sucker for gingers, crooked teeth and scars. I hate socks, and when/if I do wear them, they never match. 

What the Hell is This Blog All About?  

I want this blog to feel like you stopped by my house, sat on the couch and we talked like friends over coffee, or wine.

I will be completely candid, sometimes serious, sometimes hilarious (or at least I think so), but always 100% honestly myself.  

Honestly speaking……..I swear a lot. So if curse words make you cringe, then this might not be the blog for you. If the f-bomb really makes you shutter, then this really isn’t the blog for you……..those who know me, know that’s my favourite word.

What the Hell is a Lifestyle Blog

I think it’s a blog were you write about your lifestyle.  At least that’s what Google said. So what kinda things make up my lifestyle?

First off, I’m a total girls girl. So I will blog about shit that other ladies can relate to…..or at least sympathize with.  I also like to share products and tips that work for me….hoping maybe they will work for you too.  You can find all that girly stuff on the Girlfriend Shit page.

I’m a mother.  It’s a huge part of my life, and my son is the best thing to happen to me.........That being said, motherhood, at times, makes me want to pull my fucking hair out.  I will always be honest about my journey as a parent.  You can find all that fun stuff on the Motherhood page.

New to this blog is the Thrifty Bitch page.  Ive recently had a few people point out how I'm good at making my money stretch, finding great deals, and all around living life a little thriftier.  So why not share all my tips on this blog?

I will also blog about, work, life, trying to juggle it all, and everything in between!

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Contact  Me

Feel free to comment and send me feedback....I would love it (unless its negative, then I will probably hate it...) I can be reached at shaunalynn82@gmail.com

Shauna Lynn