Girlfriend Shit

Doesn't this picture look like a cheesy tampon commercial where the woman love talking about periods and other  body functions? While mother nature isn't exactly my best friend (stupid bloody hormone crazed bitch) , I love being a women. I'm a total girls girl. This page highlights all the topics that I would share with my girlfriends, and with you!

Sometimes I Tell Stories 
These post are stories that have happened in my life. I share them with other woman, in hopes they can relate. Or at least sympathise with:

I Forgot to Shave My Legs
From Training Bra to Full Support Brassiere (And Every Bra In Between)
Soooo, I Went Swimsuit Shopping..................
How I Found Out I Have a Lady Mustache
The Two Try Bazillion Wax 
Cringe Worthy Moments 
Man Dieting vs Woman Dieting 
Girl Crush 
I'm Definitely Not 25 Anymore
Sometimes You Just Need a Hug in the Make-Up Aisle of Your Local Wal-Mart
The Last 20 Pounds: There a Bitch
Retail Therapy When Your Trying to Lose Weight

Tried, Tested and True
Here are all the products I love.  These are not reviews, more like "Hey Ive tried this stuff, and loved might too."

Tools For Bleaching Your Hair
Self Tanner 
Hair Stuff 

Need a play list? Hear ya go!

Soundtrack: Spin Bitch 
Soundtrack: Clean Bitch
Soundtrack: Workout Bitch